10 quotes that will change your perspective on life

When waves misbehave, winds start flowing in the opposite direction, and darkness tries to subjugate the nature, in that case, the silver lining in the clouds act as the only source of inspiration.


When waves misbehave, winds start flowing in the opposite direction, and darkness tries to subjugate the nature, in that case, the silver lining in the clouds act as the only source of inspiration. This is where inspiration comes to play.

Today, in the hustle- tussle of life, people have overlooked the power of inspiration despite the fact that it is 99% of the reason behind a person’s success. When after working hard, blooding their skin, people return home empty handed then it is the only light which keeps them alive and gives them strength to try again the next day.

Giving more power to the inspiration, here are some motivational quotes from our short stories that will change your perspective on life.

My best new year

‘New Year is not just a celebration but a medium to express the happiness of stepping into another new phase of life by manifesting positive vibes, fighting against all odds and challenges, learning from the past and moving on. It is a way to tell the universe that we have won one more battle and is ready for a more challenging one’.


‘It doesn’t matter whether you are going for an arrange marriage or a love. What matters is how compatible you are as a couple. Do you feel a magical connection when you meet someone? Love is not choosing your partner beforehand and started liking him. In fact, it is a connection that you feel, it is a feeling of getting back your lost home even if you are meeting each other for the first time.’

‘The sun was all set to take another tour at 18 degrees below the horizon. A bright golden layer had started appearing in the beautiful blue sky. The view was so attractive that if any hopeless person would look at it, he would get a reason to live.’


‘This huge colorful swing has always given me an ‘anonymous’ energy and put a smile on my face. ‘Anonymous’ because I still don’t know what this energy is. The only thing I know is that whenever I make an eye contact with this beautiful reflection of raindrops and sunlight, I feel alive. It gives meaning to my incoherent life without expecting anything in return.’

‘Waiting for the monsoon to arrive and then rainbow to appear in the sky had become a habit. It was a part of the magic world for me then, but as I grew up I realized how beautiful this nature is! God has actually created wonders for us in the form of Rainbows.’

The Black

‘Everyone faces hardships in his days of struggle. Everyone has his own story and I have my own. People say that a visually impaired can’t see the shades of nature but I say that I can see the most powerful color which can absorb all the colors. I’m a white pawn who can see black. In fact, I love to play with black. Although, white has a first-mover advantage but black is an outstanding follower. It is unflappable and can be offensive when called for.’

‘I’m no one to teach you anything. You are your own teachers. When in doubt, listen to yourself and you will get all the answers. I don’t see myself disable because disability in a real sense is not being physically impaired; in fact, it is underestimating you in any sense. So, never doubt yourself and your capabilities as we say in chess ‘Never underestimate the power of the pawn, he has the capability to produce the queen.’

‘Every person faces hardships in life but it depends on the person himself what option he chooses. If he chooses to wallow in grief or to get up and face what may come. Ishan has proved that he is not visually impaired; in fact, he has a better way to see life’.

The Second Love

‘I’m going today with a promise to come back one day. I will be yours then and you will be mine officially. Let’s not try to make this time right for us forcefully. We can’t force anything. Let’s go with the flow of nature. I will come back. The right will come soon and I will be yours forever.’

‘Go, chase your dreams and come soon because a part of your heart is waiting for you here.’