Color me ‘PINK’


The newly released movie ‘Pink’ has bagged mixed reviews by the viewers but it has come up with a very powerful concept ‘feudal mindset of the people of India’ and how they judge a woman on different yardsticks. This movie has touched million hearts especially of women not only in India but overseas. It would not be wrong to say that whatever the movie has presented is a painful reality.

Now, you must be thinking that this is a review. Well, no this is not. This piece is all about my recent experience which reminded me that one ‘Pink’ is not enough to change people’s mindset. Regardless of how much people chant ‘we are educationally forward’ but they still need electric shocks to stabilize their brains. Let me narrate what had happened.

My room mate is younger to me and she is new in the PG(paying guest) in which I live. She has never experienced a PG life before. So, her elder brother who works in a multinational company in Gurgaon and is bearing all her expenses(personal and educational) ,which I believe is remarkable, visits frequently to meet her.

He came outside the PG few days back as per routine and my room mate went to meet her bhaiya. I was busy doing my own tasks, all of a sudden, my room mate came inside, panicked and she asked for an ointment. I tried to ask her what happened but she didn’t utter a single word and ran outside again. I followed her in order to find out the issue.

I went outside and asked her brother that Is everything all right with the two. He told me that he was attacked by a group of hooligans on his way to PG and that they tried to snatch his mobile phone. He had a cut on his face on the right side but fortunately it was not deep. He also assured her sister that he is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Afterwards, I came inside leaving the two together.

After few minutes, my room mate too came inside. She was upset. I told her to be calm and that his brother will be fine. But, unfortunately that was not the reason of her anxiety. She told me that she was bidding goodbye to her brother when our landlord(male) came outside and started shouting at them ‘Don’t stand here in front of my house. People will comment me that such type of girls stay here. It is the question of my reputation’. They both didn’t say anything and his brother left quietly. The girl assured our landlord that she will take care of this in future and told him everything about what had happened and that he was her brother.

I suggested her to let go and relax. The next morning my room mate left for her home town due to some reasons. In the evening, when I returned to PG ,tired and hungry, I was about to dine. Abruptly, a girl who stays in the room next to mine in the same PG came to me. She locked the door of my room secretly and asked me about what had happened,’uncle was shouting a lot’ she said, ‘Kya scene hogya uncle bahut bol rahe the’. ‘What?’ I asked her.

‘Ki ye ladkiyan apne boyfriends ko le kar bahar khadi ho jaati hain'(These girls stand outside with their boyfriends). I was completely shocked and couldn’t believe my ears that what actually I was hearing and the very first thought that came into my mind was ‘People are really heartless’. I was furious and wanted to ask my landlord what the hell was that. But then I decided to stay calm.  I left my plate in the room and went downstairs.

Technically, I should have shouted on him but I didn’t. I talked to him casually and told him that there was no need to make such an issue when he is aware of what actually had happened.

‘We girls know our responsibilities very well because we are living alone without our parents. This is the courage of our parents that they have sent us here despite knowing how unsafe the world is and we will not hurt them and break their trust ever’ were my words and I came back.

I’m not sharing this because I wanted to tell you what I said and how I felt. This is not my story, yeah, but this a girl’s story and I’m also a girl. I stood by her in her absence only because It was my moral duty to support the right thing. Moreover, this could have happened with me also.

Eventually, I realized that alone a Pink cannot make a difference, we need more and it is the responsibility of all of us. A change will only begin to happen if it will start from our own homes not only by hitting a like on a Facebook page related to change or merely by changing profile pictures. We are not ‘forward’ rather we are ‘coward’. So, start changing yourself and make your mind and soul forward. This was the only motive of sharing this story.

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