Present day WARRIORS, a threat to Democracy.


The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched a ‘Clean Bureaucracy’ Campaign in the country this year. He prepared a list of 125 corrupt bureaucrats and told them to take a voluntary retirement. This move of modi government was in the view to keep a check on the corruption and take measures to make the bureaucrats accountable and responsible. This shows how much is the need to look into the deeper sections of the Indian bureaucracy as a whole.

Bureaucracy in some form or other has existed from the times immemorial. In ancient India when monarchy was the predominant form of government, the various categories of the countries constituted the bureaucracy. In India, Lord Cornwallis is credited with creating the bureaucracy. But today, the country is encompassed by  the intricating web of corrupt bureaucracy or babus and so is loosing ground of its own.

After independence, we got bureaucracy not democracy, said Bhaskar Rao Gorantla, Research Director of National Social Watch(India) while addressing a gathering of civil society representatives at a consultation programmes organised by Karnataka Social Watch on administrative reforms.  Listing various structural problems in the administration he said, although the central and state level administrations have undergone a positive change since independence, the district/local level administrative bodies have not undergone any significant changes. “Wide powers of control over Panchayati Raj Institutions(PRI) have been vested with the state bureaucracy. This takes away the essential characterstics of the PRIs he said.

Presenting the gist of the ‘Administrative Reforms for Good Governance’ a book by NC Saxena , former director of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administartion, Rao said it is very essential to replace the entire system , as we change the entire structure when 70 percent pipes have leakage issues.

Bureaucracy is said to be one of the pillars of the democracy. It is the backbone of the country and it is very unfortunate to say that this backbone is becoming  spineless. The system has handicapped over the time which also raises questions on the country’s independence.

It is very unfortunate for the people of the country like India whose past has been of fighters and combatants who fought for the light of the freedom are constructing dark ages, taking the country way back to 1947.  Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on the first independence day of the country said “At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” But in reality, by the time as India is stepping into it’s 70th year of Independence, it is losing it’s freedom in real sense.  It is even more tragic that inspite of impeding this malicious fiend they are digging ditches for others.

India is believed to be the largest democracy in the world(because of the sheer number of people who are listed voters). With 1.25 billion people, it is home to 8 major religions, over 4600 castes as well as 22 federally recognised, 122 major and 1599 other languages in use. Besides, being the largest democracy it is also believed to be the most diverse democracy in the world.

It is a pungent reality that India has failed to achieve it’s democracy after so many years of independence. The people raising their voice against the tribulations are shaken and suppressed by the corrupt bureaucrats for their personal benefits. In concise, it can be said that India is undemocratically democratic.

A Former Chief Vigilance Commissioner(CVC) of India, N Vittal,  once said in an interview  “If you ask me who is more corrupt between a politician and a bureaucrat, for statistical reasons, I would say a bureaucrat. A corrupt politician can be thrown out any second. But a bureaucrat stays for 30 years in the government, in terms of the length and the government, bureaucratic corruption is more than political corruption.”


The other side of this tragic fact is that Bureaucracy is not the only perpetrator , it is the bureaucrats and politicians nexus that is making country void. An article in the Forbes India stated that ‘Bureaucracy is like a well trained horse but if the rider is not appropriate the horse would not do the right job.’

In “Vayapam scam of Madhya Pradesh, which had been going on since the 1990s, over 2000 persons, including the state’s education minister had been arrested. Over 40 persons involved with the investigation, had died in mysterious circumstances. Vayapam scam is a sad reflection on politicians and bureaucrats in India.

The Reservation policy also plays an important role in promoting this nexus all over the country employing reserved bureaucrats in the service by the politicians. The sleaze in the country has become a cult. This has deprived the people of the country from many needs and is responsible for the other factors affecting the independence like poverty, unemployment, hunger, education, and cultural and regional disparities.

There is also a failure of Judiciary which has brought the country on the back foot. If the case of corrupt politicians runs into the courts then the judiciary take years to come to a conclusion. The delay in the decision made lesser the chances of justice to the people and the corrupt nexus takes the very advantage of it as in the DLF scam.

There is a need to take various reforms by the honest government officials and bureaucrats and moreover by the public to take the country to the another level. A constant check on the bureaucracy should be kept over and again and avenge those guilty and especially there is a need to impart moral values in the aspiring bureaucrats of the country whereas Media needs to act as a game changer. It should not only sensationalize the issues but to give it a new perspective. It should focus on the important issues and raise what should be raised. It should not indulge into senseless talk and try to fight against the evils. Moreover, it should not try to be defensive and shouts unnecessarily for proving their point. They should work with facts and logic and in a civilized manner.


Bureaucrats will only learn to respect the law when media will play its part in placing pressure on the judiciary. Henceforth, media should act as a backbone not as a horrifying nightmare for the masses. Concentrating on the weaknesses in the system, judiciary needs to fasten it’s process of giving justice to the people for the maintenance of law and order in the country. The corrupt lawyers and legal advisors should be thrown out of the courts.The cleaning drive is the essence of the freedom. The muck and mull of these corrupts monsters needs to be clean.  One needs to teach a lessen about the true meaning of democracy to these corrupt monsters.

Freedom in a real sense can only be achieved if people get freedom from the corrupt bureaucrats, freedom of the media to raise the pained voice and freedom from the delays made in granting justice to the people in the courts.



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